About The Author

Seymour Jacklin gave up his full time job as a Mental Health Nurse in mid 2010 in order to pursue a range of creative projects that were becoming too lively to confine to evenings and weekends. 

Stories from the Borders of Sleep is project that draws together many of his passions, grown over 35 years of living and never quite outgrowing his childish imagination. The stories blend spirituality with his love for the English countryside and many of them are based on dreams.

Seymour was born in Zimbabwe and enjoyed an idyllic African childhood, surrounded by a landscape that continues to haunt his waking and sleeping imagination. He has lived in Durham, UK, ever since arriving there as a student in 1996 to read Anthropology (he wanted to study Folklore, and it was the nearest he could get). After graduating, he went on to work in a local church, then passed through a succession of employment scenarios and got married before deciding to train as a psychiatric nurse. The most consistent threads, throughout his life, however, have been an awareness of  Divine reality, a passion for the written and spoken word, and an over-active imagination.

As well as writing, Seymour plays in a ceilidh band called "The Scrumpy Badgers". His main website is at www.seymourjacklin.co.uk and you can tweet him on twitter, laugh at him on YouTube, or email him at: seymour@seymourjacklin.co.uk