Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Kalakut's Gift

Dear Listener,

Welcome to episode 32! We've passed the milestone of providing a bedtime story for each night of the month, but we press on. Once again I apologise for the slowdown in producing fresh stories over the last year and thank all the listeners who have left comments or emailed me to say that they are enjoying the stories and to ask for more.

Here is a story about a little girl and a volcano. For many months, I just knew I wanted to write a story about a little girl and a volcano, but that was it: no plot, no further idea but this image in my mind of a tiny girl and a huge volcano. Finally it is here. As much as I'd like to unwrap for you all the layers of what this story means to me, I leave it to you to take your own interpretation from it, and I'd actually rather hear about what it means to you - that is always more interesting.

Tim did a great job on this without being able to use his usual software so I hope the sound is up to scratch - it seemed more important to get a fresh episode out than to have it quite as polished as usual.

For those who prefer to download the MP3 directly, here's a link. But please consider subscribing to the feed using a podcast client or grabbing it from iTunes. There's also an archive of all the episodes so far if you need to catch up. The podcast also now has a facebook page where I'm hoping I'll get to meet and interact with you more, so check it out.

Finally, the beautiful cello music in the background (and sometimes the foreground) of this episode comes from an album by Emily Burridge on magnatune.com.

Well I hope you enjoy this and have sweet dreams until next time,


Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Jellyfarglemarsh

Dear Listener,

"What on earth is a Jellyfarglemarsh?" I hear you ask, "Have we waited nearly a year for episode 31, only to find it full of nonsense words?"

Yes ...

In this episode you will also hear about sanfels and guborgions and ... well I don't want to give too much away.

Here's a direct link to the MP3 ... but don't forget we're on iTunes, too.

The important thing is that Borders of Sleep is finally back in business. We are projecting a more realistic writing and recording schedule to bring you a new story every fortnight. Thank you to all those who have been in touch to let us know how much they are anticipating new episodes and I am sorry it has taken so long to produce some new material - life gets in the way.

The soundtrack for this episode comes from Future Forever by Ion.

I hope you enjoy it.

Sweet dreams,


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Return to the Borders of Sleep

Dear Listeners,

Here's wishing you a belated "Happy New Year!"

I have to thank many of you for leaving lovely comments on the podcast page (here) and some of you for even getting in touch by email to let me know that you have been enjoying the stories. I have had a number of  queries about whether the podcast was going to continue in the future and I wish to answer emphatically in the affirmative.


Stories from the Borders of Sleep has been one of the most enjoyable creative projects of the last few years for me. I set out with the intention of continuing my output of stories as a creative baseline for the foreseeable future. Along the way, I have been really encouraged by listener feedback and delighted to hear that people all over the world have been downloading the stories and even falling asleep to them.

Even though I have not uploaded any new material in recent months, there continues to be a steady traffic of between 50 and 100 downloads a day. The production of new material has tailed off since I have had a tough winter where I have found it hard to write on top of all the other things going on. However, we have plans for the Spring.

Borders of Sleep will relaunch at the back end of March / beginning of April this year so please sit tight, listen again to your favourites in the meantime and send me more encouraging feedback while I prepare a batch of new stories for your listening pleasure in 2013.

Thank you for listening and sweet dreams  ...


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cantatur in Taberna

Dear Listener,

Mevlana tells a story about a wandering sufi who comes to a monastery and stays there. Unbeknown to him, they sell his donkey and use the money to prepare a tremendous feast.The whole community goes wild through the night. The climax of the celebration finds the wanderer dancing with his hosts and everyone is chanting "the donkey has gone, the donkey has gone". When he wakes in the morning he finds out what has happened but they say to him, "we thought you knew what we had done, after all you were singing with us 'the donkey has gone' all night long."

Well, that and many other things were in the back of my mind when I wrote this story. I enjoyed writing it very much and I hope you enjoy listening to it. My apologies to all natives of Yorkshire and Geordieland whose inflections I have ineptly bastardised for the voices of some of the characters.

Here is a direct link to this episode for those who prefer it that way. This week's soundtrack comes from two projects featuring Tim Rayborn's music: his album "Honey from the Thorn" and his work with Canconier in "The Black Dragon". You can get both albums on Magnatune.

Sweet dreams ...

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Returning Student

Dear Listener,

Can there be learning without books? Can there be as much to ponder in a day of walking as in a term of studying? In this week's episode, a student is forced to face these questions on his way home for the summer.

As usual, here's your direct link to the sound file. You may want to consider subscribing to the feed or on iTunes and, don't forget, all the previous episodes are available from the archive page for easy downloading.

This week's soundtrack is from "Sun" by Dejan Ilijic and his music (available at magnatune.com) is well worth a listen in its own right.

Until next week ... sweet dreams,