Monday 19 November 2018


Dear Listeners,

There are some things you will discover about plants in this episode that I hope will make you never see the world quite the same again. Moreover, Episode 40 must be some sort of milestone, and this one is appropriately a little different.

This story was inspired by and written for a couple of lovely listeners, one of whom helped with some ideas and the other of whom I hope didn't see it coming as a wedding anniversary surprise. I hope you enjoy listening in and sharing the experience; it's been a lot of fun to compose.

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The music this week is by Erik Ask Upmark, another beautiful offering from Magnatune. Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoy this one. And many thanks to Ben and Maria!


Saturday 14 July 2018

Water Cure

Dear Listeners,

Welcome to Episode 39.

This story was inspired by its soundtrack. The evocative background soundscape was created by a listener to the podcast who is also a professional composer for TV, film and radio. It's "a combination of synthetic drones, electric guitar played with a toothbrush and acoustic guitar picking." Paul Morris is his name and you are heartily encouraged to go and indulge your ears with his SoundCloud offerings at

Apart from that, I'll just let it kind of speak for itself, and I hope you enjoy listening.

As usual, you can use this direct link to download the episode, listen on the embedded player above (if it's working), or grab with your favourite podcatcher app doodah thingy.

Many thanks to Paul for contributing his work to the magical mix of SBS!

Onwards: to the Borders of Sleep!


Sunday 20 May 2018

Mortal Uncoil

Dear Listeners,

Episode 38 for you!

I did some long car journeys by myself recently.I improvised stories to keep myself amused. The roads were long and the weather was hot. I suppose that was the starting point for this bit of mind travel. I hope you enjoy coming along, too.

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This week's soundtrack is by Satori on Magnatune. Lovely.

Thank you for listening,


Sunday 14 January 2018

Poor Butterfly

Dear Listeners,

It has been a while - a long while - since the last episode was published. In the meantime I have had wonderful emails, comments and feedback from so many of you that I have finally found the time to get writing and recording again.

This story was sort of inspired by reading "Flappers" by Judith Mackrell and by a favorite song by Huw Williams, "The Summer Before the War". I hope it feels nostalgic.

Here's your direct link to the mp3, and you can get previous episodes on the "Archive" page.

I'm looking forward to bringing you more in 2018. If you're on the Facebook, join us there, too:

Thank you so much for listening!