Friday 25 November 2011

Bear Bridge

Dear Listener,

Here we go with episode 20!

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I hope you enjoy this story about how a little village came to be called Bakerton after a baker and a miller saved it from some savage bears with cunning and magic. You will even learn to speak a handy bit of the bear's language.

The soundtrack is from Magnatune artists: Ehren Starks and Anthony Salvo.

Wishing you sweet dreams ... until next time ...

Tuesday 15 November 2011


Dear Listener,

Here is a story that is stitched together from ideas that occurred to me while out walking the dog, my ponderings on the nature of fear, a dream from a long time ago, and a more recent journey in my own soul - it kind of emerged over the course of the last week.

Is there something in you that needs unblocking so it can come to life again?

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The atmospheric sound track is by Indidginus from the album Circa Diem - worth a listen right through by itself as it takes the listener on an aural journey from dawn to night ...

Sweet dreams ...

Friday 4 November 2011

The Seven Legged Spider

Dear Listener,

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I have no doubt that many of you will recognise this story as yet another variant of a popular folk tale. I remember hearing it as a child. usually the "take home message" is something to do with collaborating and contributing to a greater effort, but here's my take on it ...

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