Live Storytelling

Seymour, the voice and author of Stories from the Borders of Sleep, would like nothing more than to come and tell his stories to you in person. No matter the setting or size of the audience, from fireside to festival, he'll be your guide to the liminal realms between waking and sleeping.

Email Seymour with your details for rates and advice on making a booking.


  1. Your work is great. I had learnt a lot about sleeping. Something I never know about waking up, bedtime. I think it should help me a lot to wake up with fresh feelings on every morning. Thank you so much.

  2. We want more stories :) They are my absolute favorite!

  3. I really do hope there's more stories to come!! My favorite is The Night of the Nipperquins!! I've put it on on countless restless nights to help me fall asleep.