Thursday 22 December 2011

Moving in Mysterious Ways

Dear Listener,

What if this is all just a big game? And what if that big game is just a small part of another big game? Are we doomed forever to the narrow confines of what we believe can or can't be done? What happens when you start to question ... everything?

After a short interruption we are back with Episode 21 for you. A story that betrays my fascination with chess, and other things. Here, if you need it, is a direct link to the audio file.

The sound track for this weeks episode is from Distant City by Davide Viterbo on Magnatune. And ... that voice on the intro is the voice of my producer, Tim - so now you know what he sounds like. Nice work, Tim, thank you!

May all the happiness of the season be with you!

And ... sweet dreams ...