Monday 4 December 2023

The Copse

Dear listener,

I'm back at last with Episode 56, The Copse, after another long wait. It's been a sideways kind of year for me but I have kept writing when I could. 

This story is for you if you have ever taken a rock home from a walk or a pinecone or a feather, or gathered a collection of keepsakes from the wilderness. It's also for you if your body limits you from doing the things you imagine. Take flight with the girl, Rowena, and her little friend, the blackcap. I hope you will find this a soothing tale.

Here's a direct download link but remember you can subscribe to Borders of Sleep with your favourite podcast app and even find it on Audible.

The soundtrack on this episode is from Laura Inserra: Musical Incense - volume one, available from Magnatune.

I hope to bring you a special festive December tale later this month too, so stay tuned.

Sweet dreams,



  1. Wonderful to have a new story to explore. I must say I am soooo looking forward to listening.... I wanted to message you to say that while I have been waiting for your new story I have been re listening to Rehoming. It is my all-time favourite!!

    1. Thank you! It feels like I wrote "Rehoming" lifetimes ago; I'm so glad to hear that it keeps on giving!

    2. A true delight of a story... we have visits from silver eyes from time to time and a friend calls them garden fairies... they were spotted tending to a deep purple salvia in full bloom one rainy day in early December. They look like they have so much fun whilst seeking out the nourishment to give life to their wee bodies. Today I was informed of an incident where a much larger and talented song bird, the Tui killed one of the wee garden fairies... not sure why ... oh it is late and now I am rambling... off to listen to The Copse once more...

    3. Ah - I had to Google Silvereyes, and I am glad I did! What a gorgeous little creature - thank you!