About The Illustrator

Since December 2021, the episode artwork has been created by Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch, a long-time Borders fan, whose characteristic generosity has extended to providing graphic material for the podcast.  

Soledad was born in Paraguay, of Argentinian heritage, and is now settled and working out of Austin TX, where she contributes to the vigorous arts life of the city. She describes herself as being "as hyphenated as my name", aptly summarising the spirit in which she alchemizes stories of "past, present and possibility" as a Latino artist in the US. You'll notice immediately the importance of 'layers' in her work, and it was this, along with an uplifting lightness and an exhilarating, constant experimentation with palettes, that first drew me in with a sort of umbilical gravity - oh those blues!  

Soledad paints mostly on a large scale as a muralist and fine artist. Some of her work can be found as part of the scenery, on buildings around Austin. You can follow her quests for inspiration on Instagram and Facebook and view a sample of her work here.

Up until October 2011, the artwork for Stories from the Borders of Sleep was created by florist, photographer and illustrator, Robyn Trainer.

Robyn illustrates scruffy characters, objects and scenes with splodges of colourful watercolour paint and wobbly black pen.  Her figures are drawn with plenty of character, but are always left a little incomplete, encouraging the imagination to fill in the rest of the details.

Robyn continues to pursue a plethora creative projects including music and art from her base in Cirencester, UK, and she is highly recommended as an experienced professional photographer

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