Sunday 24 December 2023


Dear Listeners,

However you may celebrate this time of year or not, this Yuletide tale is for you with all my wishes for peace and goodwill to descend upon you and to stay throughout the coming year. I have attempted to create something for you in the long tradition of wintertime storytelling around Christmas and I hope it lifts the spirits.

You can, as always, listen here or grab it from your favourite pod app, or download the MP3 directly here.

May thanks to Soledad for the illustration and to Sambodhi Prem for the soundtrack ... and to you for being a listener and coming along on this journey at the Borders of Sleep.

Rest you merry!


Monday 4 December 2023

The Copse

Dear listener,

I'm back at last with Episode 56, The Copse, after another long wait. It's been a sideways kind of year for me but I have kept writing when I could. 

This story is for you if you have ever taken a rock home from a walk or a pinecone or a feather, or gathered a collection of keepsakes from the wilderness. It's also for you if your body limits you from doing the things you imagine. Take flight with the girl, Rowena, and her little friend, the blackcap. I hope you will find this a soothing tale.

Here's a direct download link but remember you can subscribe to Borders of Sleep with your favourite podcast app and even find it on Audible.

The soundtrack on this episode is from Laura Inserra: Musical Incense - volume one, available from Magnatune.

I hope to bring you a special festive December tale later this month too, so stay tuned.

Sweet dreams,


Tuesday 21 March 2023

The Cadillac in the Pond

Dear Listener,

I'm delighted to bring you Episode 55 - at last and thank goodness! With my apologies for another enormous gap since the last episode.

This one began as a short piece of whimsy but soon took on a life of its own, as they often do. I hope you find it entertaining and, most of all, soothing.

Part of the lateness of this episode has been due to me making some life changes recently so that I can give more regular dedicated time to writing and creating these stories for you. There were quite a few ducks to get lined up, and not a few challenges on the way. Nevertheless, I hope it means that I will be able to drop fresh material with greater frequency in the coming years and grow the creative projects surrounding the podcast in a more sustainable way.

Here is a direct download link for those who prefer that approach.

The soundtrack in this episode is by Juan Sanchez, available from Magnatune.

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Thanks for coming along on this audio journey, and I hope we can travel together again at the borders of sleep soon.

Until then, sweet dreams!