Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My Journey

Dear Listener,

Here's episode 36 - a number that is pleasantly divisible - so we're bringing you something slightly diffrent: a little of the tale of how 'Stories from the Borders of Sleep' was born. It's personal and autobiographical, but I hope you like it. I trawled this up from some material I wrote about three years ago when we started the podcast.

Here's your direct link to the MP3. Check out the archives page for the back catalogue.

The gentle music in the background is from a firm favourite, Cari Live.

May your dreams be sweet!



  1. Dear Seymour and team,

    I discovered your podcast a couple of months ago and found it so whimsical and soothing that I've now been through every story here! I do hope you'll start making them again soon, but if not I wish you well in whatever you are all doing now.

    ~ Rebecca

  2. I so wish you still made these podcasts! I'm a huge fan and love these stories so much!

    1. Dominique - thank you for leaving a comment and saying how much you enjoy the stories. I am writing more; I promise!

    2. Greetings from across the pond! Although I am grateful that there are already so many phenomenal stories to enjoy, I am so very glad to hear that more stories are underway! I regret not having commented on much I have enjoyed them sooner.

      I found The Borders of Sleep about a year ago and have been nodding off to your wonderful tales ever since. There are some nights that I just don't think I would be able to catch a wink without them. Not only am I able to fall asleep but am able to do so quickly because of these masterfully produced audio tracks.

      I really can't express how meaningful these stories are to me! I even listen to them for hours on end to get me through long, lonely drives when I have to travel great distances. I find tremendous peace and comfort while listening. I even find thrilling adventure when the need arises.

      Thank you dear heart for sharing these gifts. They are an absolute treasure! I am so looking forward to experiencing new tales. Until then, I will enjoy theses stories over and over again.

      A fan, forever yours in that place between awake and asleep,


  3. I also am a very recent discoverer of this podcast and your stories. They are so imaginative! I love the stories, your voice, and the cool music. I look forward to more of them, whenever that happens. Thank you for these... They get a fair bit of replay when I have downtime to relax.