Thursday 7 July 2011

The Cat and The Mouse

Dear Listener,

Traditionally we know that cats and mice do not get on with one another - it's a cat-eat-mouse world! But here is a story that just asks "what if" a particular cat and a particular mouse should break the mould because of their love for one another?

This is a story adapted closely from one of Grimm's Fairy Tales. The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were collectors of European folk tales, publishing some of our best loved and most often recited stories in the early 1800s. Unlike the "disneyfied" fairy tales that have become popular in our own time, the stories that the Grimm brothers collected tended to be dark and obscure ...

The rather evocative, at times dark and obscure, solo violin of Anthony Salvo accompanies this tale which I hope you enjoy. If you like the music you can download it yourself from

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  1. Love this one....and forgot to add to my previous comments, that the soundtracks to all the stories I've heard so far create the perfect atmosphere. I keep imagining how it might be to play these stories to a group of children camping or staying overnight in the house of a friend....the music helps to bring the stories, thank you too Tim. Such a great range of music too, from all these non-famous (yet) artists.

    1. Thank you, Phil! Yeah Magnatune has a wonderful catalog of artists and a great approach to making sure they get a fair share of the profits from their work. Choosing the soundtrack is one of the most fun aspects of recording a podcast. Thanks for being such a wonderfully engaged listener :-)