Tuesday 19 April 2011

Tree and Stream

If you were water, what sort of water would you be?

Would you be the water in a stream or the water in a tree?

Or would you be ice or vapour?

And what would it be like to be able to see the path of an ant or a star with the same clarity as we see the path to our own front door?

In search of a stag ...
All of these are questions you may ponder as you listen to this story about a wayfarer, and a tree ... and a stream.

The soothing soundtrack on this episode comes from the album: The Once and Future Harp by the Wesh Triple Harp player Cheryl Ann Fulton. It is available from Magnatune who don't pay me anything to say how great they are ... they just are.

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  1. Excellent, my friend!

    My wife and I have been enjoying your stories immensely and do hope you keep at making them.

    This has been one of my favorites although they have all been stellar. I've been spreading the word, I hope this endeavor is successful for you! You are certainly a talented author and narrator.



  2. Ryan,

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment and some feedback. I know that people are out there and listening but it is really reassuring to hear that the stories are striking a chord with people.

    I am trying to get on a regular schedule and make them as fortnightly and regular as possible. The lull at the moment is due to useful people like my "sound engineer" being on holiday. There are plenty more stories waiting to be told, it's just a case of finding the time to record and produce them nicely.

    I promise that there will be plenty more and maybe a book one day, too, although they are really designed to be delivered "out loud".

    Thank you once again for taking the trouble to comment. It is much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,