Friday 24 June 2011


Dear Listener,

Our greatest enemies were the stinging nettles ...
As a teenager, I lived a stone's throw from the river Thames and spent every opportunity I had to fish in it, swim in it and mess about in boats upon it until I knew every thread and backwater of its course through the valley.

This week's story is an unembellished fragment of autobiography from that time in my life and I hope I have been able to picture it for you.

The background music is by Healing Muses, available from as always. To listen to the episode you can use this link, or get the feed by RSS or iTunes..

I hope that you enjoy it.


  1. Hi Seymour,

    This is one of your best. Wonderful imagery.

    My wife and I have been listening to your shows each night for a while. Looking forward to new podcasts — hopefully more are on the way.

    This is a great project. It means a lot.



    1. Eric,

      Thank you so much for commenting. I'm thrilled that you have enjoyed the stories.

      More are, indeed, on the way.

      Sweet dreams,