Saturday 22 October 2011

Beth and the Emerantil

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"Climb up onto my back."
This is the story I have been meaning to write ever since that long weekend at the end of April 2011 when Prince William tied the knot with Kate. I guess it kind of emerged from all that was bubbling in my thoughts at the time, while watching a whole nation with their eyes fixed on the young couple.

The soundtrack for this story is from Countryside Stroll by Cari Live and it is available from

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  1. Wow....this is my favorite story yet. I love that (like many of your stories) it begins in seemingly 'normal' circumstances and gradually enters a fairytale realm that kind of 'looks out' on a strange world....our world (the world of Royal weddings, environmental devastation and near complete lack of integrity and compassion). And I love that it shows how a person (especially children - even though being near a teenager) can develop a sense of care and sacredness for objects that may appear inanimate. Thanks once more Seymour.

    1. I listened again recently to this one, Phil - and I like it too. I think you totally "get it" :-) Thanks once again for all the massively positive vibes!