Monday 6 February 2012

Fighting Lions

Dear Listener,

Well, I wasn't actually "fighting lions" but some pretty crazy stuff kicked off last time I was in Rome. I suppose it had more to do with a wolf than a lion...

I hope that you enjoy Episode 24. For the old-fashioned, here is the direct link (right click to download onto your hard drive) or you may be able to use the player on the screen. For the new-fashioned, here's the feed and here's the iTunes link.

The soundtrack for this week's podcast is from Magnatune as usual and the album is called "The Lost Mode". Regular listeners, see if you notice, producer Tim has found a way to make the voice recording even cleaner.

Please leave some feedback if you are enjoying the podcasts or if there's some sort of thing you'd like to hear more (or less) of.

Until next week ... sweet dreams!

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