Tuesday 31 July 2012

Returning Student

Dear Listener,

Can there be learning without books? Can there be as much to ponder in a day of walking as in a term of studying? In this week's episode, a student is forced to face these questions on his way home for the summer.

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This week's soundtrack is from "Sun" by Dejan Ilijic and his music (available at magnatune.com) is well worth a listen in its own right.

Until next week ... sweet dreams,



  1. Hello! I am a new listener with several marathon listens to enjoy all of your stories from....let's see..."The Prince and the Bird" to "Returning Student". I listen at work, and so, have not gotten to the last 2 offerings. Your stories are wonderful...very entertaining and thought provoking. Are you busy with other things? I notice that the latest story was posted 9 months ago...back in July. Hmmm....I guess I'll re-listen till something new comes along. Continue!!

  2. Hello, Jennifer,

    Great to hear I have a pink faerie dreamer among my listeners! Thank you so much for stopping by to comment, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the stories so far.

    Over the last 9 months (is it really that long?) I've been guilty of making a lot of empty promises to listeners that I would get back into the habit of writing and recording. It has always been my intention to keep the stories coming until ... forever. But life and the need to earn a crust has militated against me delivering on this.

    However, I finally have two weeks of holiday blocked out this month and a stack of ideas for stories that must be written. So please do stay subscribed or keep popping back. There are more to come soon ...

    Sweet dreams,


  3. Mrswads:
    Please post more stories!! They are so brilliant. Keep checking iTunes for more...