Sunday 17 October 2021

The Artisan, The Abbot and The Architect

 Dear Listeners,

Glad I am to be bringing you Episode 50 at last. Perhaps it is a good moment to thank all the cheerleaders, encouragers, supporters, journeying companions at the borders of sleep for helping me so much to get to Episode 50. At moments, it has been overwhelming to hear from listeners how you have made the stories part of your lives and I am so grateful to have had the honour.

This episode will bring you pleasure, I hope, as others did before it.

You'll find the music in the backing track on Magnatune as usual and it is played by the aptly-named Healing Muses.

If you like to grab a straight MP3 of the episode: here's your link.

Thank you all for listening and I wish you the sweetest dreams as always,