Sunday 3 July 2022

The Boat Going Home

Dear Listener, 

I've been having vivid dreams again this year, and here's another story that came from a dream. In it you will meet a special friend that I was privileged to have for a while, as well as accompanying me on a strange and wonderful journey along with another friend, somewhat mysterious. 

I hope this is a comforting tale to fall asleep to; the dream was certainly comforting for me.

As always, I am flushed with gratitude to all the wonderful listeners who keep an ear out for me and who have kept encouraging me too. All your comments and reviews are so appreciated and I have made some good friends around the world from those who have got in touch with me. 

Here's a direct link to the MP3, and of course you'll be able to get the podcast on your favourite podcatcher as well as on Audible and Apple.

The soundtrack is by Cari Live, from the album Rising Above.

I hope it will not be long before we take another trip together. Until then ... sweet dreams!



  1. This story was stunning and moving. Aside from putting me to sleep four times like a charm, when I finally made a point to hear the ending, sitting up in the light of day over my breakfast, it brought big tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this, and the tender relationship with your old friend. I feel wistfully warm all over.

    1. Aw! That is good to hear, and wonderful to know that you connected with the story. Thank you for taking a moment to leave a comment, Ren. May you have many more wistfully warm moments this week.

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