Thursday 22 September 2011

Between Two Tides

Dear Listener,

Here's a direct link for this weeks episode.

I wrote this story about 12 years ago so it is one of the few that has not been freshly generated for the Borders of Sleep project. However, I am including it here because, like some other stories here, it is a re-telling of a very vivid dream that I had one night - albeit a long and odd one. At the time, I was a second year Anthropology undergraduate and I think that some of the things that were occupying my waking thoughts had started to seethe on another level.

You will, hopefully, imbibe something of my sadness at what happens to human beings as they move from an essentially egalitarian hunter-gatherer existence to a sedentary existence where the accumulation of wealth and status begins to create hierarchies that are often underpinned by a priesthood and religion that becomes more concerned with legalities and maintaining power structures than stewarding the mystical.

Ah, well, If all that sounds a bit heavy, don't try to read too much into it, just enjoy the story and the pictures it makes in your mind's only a silly dream after all.

Sweet dreams,


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