Friday 16 September 2011


Dear Listener,

A few months ago, by a string of coincidences and choices that principally consisted of me being stupid, forgetful and impulsive, I went home to collect something I had forgotten and discovered a fire in my kitchen. I was able to save the house and our dog before any serious damage was done. The timing of everything was so impeccable and, since it owed absolutely nothing to the intervention of my will or powers of determination, I was convinced there was a wiser and higher power at work that morning.

I don't know if that was in the back of my mind when I wrote this story about a clown whose very foolishness preserves him through peril. To be honest, as with so many of these stories, I simply let my imagination go and recorded what I observed.

You'll hear straight away that this story is a bit different from others so far. Lookout for one or two rhymes and the Tango-Jazz in the soundtrack from Scott Hallgren (check him out on Magnatune).

Here's the direct link to the MP3 that you can download by right clicking and saving to your hard drive, or you can listen with the embedded player above or subscribe using i-Tunes or other podcatchers using the links in the side bar.

Enjoy listening, please leave some comments, and ... until next week ... sweet dreams!



  1. Dear Seymour,
    I really enjoyed this one! I myself am a big fan of rhymes and each clever word pairing brought a smile to my face. I also enjoyed your subtle humor; my favorite part was when you made the raspberry sound of the whoopy cushion. I laughed out loud into the darkness of my room.
    Plus, the surfing part was wonderful!

    Thank you for a great bedtime story!


  2. Hurray! Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback on some of the episodes, Kim, and for saying nice things about them too! I don't want to sound desperate but it does make my day when we get some feedback because, although we have plenty of listeners to the podcast, there is very little to tell us who is listening and what they think.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the podcast in the future and we always value your feedback as a treasured listener, whether it is positive or negative :-)

    Wishing you sweet dreams ...